Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thanks Meg

This is Kristen

We got an email from Meg about school troubles, so Massie insisted that I ah-viously should answer it :)

Here is Meg's Question:
"well im a straight A student and i took my math TEST and i seriously think i got an F. ive been crying for 3 hours because im so scared. HELP ME! "

Here you go Meg!

Hey, this is Kristen, and believe me, ive been in that situation too!

First of all, can you redo it?
If you can't, try asking your teacher if you could do extra credit.

If not, thats okay. Its only one test! And you will always know that you have friends that will be there for you.

As for now, go over the chapter again! You need to understand what you did wrong.
Did you not understand a problem? Go to your textbook and look it over. If you still don't understand, go to your teacher for help.

Good luck!!
-Kristen Gregory