Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Clique Updates

Hey everyone!!
First of all, thank you so much for all the questions you have been sending in! Fer reals. It warms our hearts. We will try to get to all of them and post a few on here!

I wanted to say that we have just become an affiliate with the well known.. The Clique Updates!

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Seriously, once you visit their site, you always come back.

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The PC

"around her so called "friends" she acts so fake!!!!!"

hey guys,
i just wanted to say i LOVE your books
massie your sound so amazingly amazing
anyways back to the problem
i have this friend and we have been friends since the 4th grade. we are now in middle school
we kind of form into our own little clique of people shes in one group and i'm in the other
we never talk anymore and she seems like a totally different person i dont know what is up with her but whenever she is around her so called "friends" she acts so fake!!!!!
i dont even know who she is most of the time
what should i do????????????????????????


Dear Anonymous,

You obviously have gone seperate ways. Maybe she thinks you act wierd with your new friends? We suggest hanging out with her. See whats up. Maybe she just changed, maybe she isnt acting. We all love our friends to death, but when we are not always with them, we can see a different side of them. The real one, or the fake one.

Get to know your friend better, go to a movie, etc. If you are still concered with her acting all fake, tell her. She needs to know what you think, and who knows, maybe it will make your relationship stronger.


The PC

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dump her as a friend?

Hey pc
I'm having friend trouble my bff is starting to get so annoying mean and bossy she gets so mad when she doesn't get what she wants should I dump her as a friend?



Dear Anonymous,

If you think she isn't being a great friend, see whats up. Has she changed because she is going through something? Or is she changing herself for someone/something?

Try to see whats happening and give it time. After a couple weeks, if she is still acting the same way, just slowly disconnect yourself from her. No, this doesn't mean just blowing her off, it means slowly stop hanging out with her.

Sometimes girls can get that way. They may act self centered one week, and be perfect the next. It might be just a phase. Think of all the great times you have had with her. If you still think she isn't the best friend you thought she was, it may be time to find a better friend.


The PC

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boys Boys Boys!

Pretty Commitee-
There is this guy i've liked for ages, and he's everything other boys
aren't. Doesn't try to fit in for clothes, and lives to his own beat.
The only problem is, he's really my best friend's classmate, and he
doesn't even go to my school! Though we have met twice, we've only met

briefly, and talked mostly on aim. I don't know how to ever hang out
with him because we have no connection to, and we aren't on together
often. I really would like him to be my first boyfriend, he's such a
special guy. Any advice on how to hang out with him, or tell him how I

feel? I am scared to tell him because he knows my best friend a lot
bettr. Help!
Girl in honest love <3

Dear Girl in Honest Love;


First of all, get to know the guy before you go out with the guy. When you are with your friend, ask her if she wants to go to a movie.. ask her to bring the neighbor (that is bold, but it is the best way to see him). You could also say.. "hey, you wanna hang out? maybe invite someone from your school or something"

I wouldn't tell him your feelings yet, because you hardly know eachother.Also, try not to "use" your best friend. Don't just hang out with her because you want to get to the boy (but i bet you wont do that!)

Just be calm about it.. and good luck! Keep us posted!

Love, The PC

Does he have a brother? ;)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Self-Conscious :\

Hey PC, First off, i just wanna say i luh-v these books. and you guys are so fashionable. all the girls playing these parts are beautiful and they are exactly what i pictured them to be. anywhoo, i am kinda self-conscious. i really don't think i'm pretty at all. i try to wear makeup and hope some cute boys will notice but they never do. i am not as pretty as all the other girls in school who have already had boyfriends. i have never had one before and im making myself sound like a loser telling you guys this! and to top it all off my teachers hate me and i have a d- in social studies. i really wanna do better. what should i do? i also want to catch the attention of some cute boys, but i don't think they really like me at all. unless you have a huge chest like alicia, that's all they look for. i DEFINITELY don't. i think of myself like claire. its not like i could just start flirting like the "cool" girls do in school. they know the boys like them so they act like they can do whatever they want with the boys. people are always making fun of me. what do i do? puh-lease help me asap!! thanks! sincerely, anna r.

Hey Anna,

This is Claire!

I know exactly what you are talking about!

First of all, you need some confidence.
Here is a list of things that can help you get that:

  • Take a long relaxing bath with candels, do a mini spa!

  • Go crazy with your wardrobe an try on everything you own, taking pictures!

  • Join a club to meet new people

  • Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself "I am beautiful... no matter what they say, words can't bring me down" as Christina Aguilera says ;)

    Ah, we all know its hard. The key is to stay organized!! Spend one night getting your folders organized, sharpen those dull pencils, do any missing, or bad redo work. If you don't understand something, talk to a friend, or to a teacher! I bet its not your fault your not doing so well, if you let the teachers know, they can help you, and will probably be more aware of how they teach things.

    As for the boys, as ive said many times before, dont worry about it!
    If you really like a guy, talk to him! Make small talk, and what his interests are.. who knows, maybe you have a lot in common!

    But don't feel pressured. Just because everyone has boyfriends, doesn't mean you have to have one too. If your not ready, don't do it.

    You get the idea ;)
    Be happy! Be confident! Be yourself!

Jealously !

I am so jealous of my BEST friend! She is so supermodel type and me and my other BFF * are so jealous of her we are always so mean and put her down! but her clothes are great & i make up stories that boys like me when actually i know they like her! But she thinks that she is ugly thanks to me and that no guys like her. I can't tell her i'm jealous. NO WAY. But how do i stop being mean to her with my friend* and possibly not jealous AND make her feel better about herself and let her know she actually IS supermodel material & actually pretty?

-Little Green Monster!

Dear Little Green Monster,

First: I think its great that you are coming to realize that what you and your friend are doing is wrong (even though we would probably do the same!)

Second: You need some self confidence girl!! Instead of comparing yourself to your friends, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something you love about you (sounds lame, works miracles)

Third: If you need to patch the friendship with that friend, invite her over for a sleepover! You guys could give each other advice on makeup, talk about boys, etc. Even if you have known her for years, you will probably learn something new about her! That way, maybe your friendship will grow, and you may see that you don't have to compare or be jealous of her, because she is probably just like you!

Fourth: You don't need to worry about boys! You probably aren't in high school yet, so guys aren't that serious in relationships yet. If you like a guy, just be yourself. Yes, we have heard it a million times, but trust me, it works! Just be open, be nice, and be social!

Good luck!
The PC

*Names have been changed

New Girl..


This new girl came to my scool today, and she is super ah-noyin!! She follows me and my friends evrywhere and stuff. + i fear that she might become a-lister cuz she's always wearing vintage and stuff, like me, so people look up to her too!!! This is so unfair!!!

Luv ya!


Hey Jenny,

If this girl is really annoying you, slowly stop talking to her (this doesn't mean being mean). If she still doesn't get the picture, then you have to tell her that you need some space!

The other way of looking at this is seeing if she could be a good friend.

Do you like her style? Maybe that is something you guys could talk about. Try to see past the annoying-ness and see the good.

If she is too much for you to handle, throw her out like last season Uggs.

The PC