Monday, April 28, 2008

New Girl..


This new girl came to my scool today, and she is super ah-noyin!! She follows me and my friends evrywhere and stuff. + i fear that she might become a-lister cuz she's always wearing vintage and stuff, like me, so people look up to her too!!! This is so unfair!!!

Luv ya!


Hey Jenny,

If this girl is really annoying you, slowly stop talking to her (this doesn't mean being mean). If she still doesn't get the picture, then you have to tell her that you need some space!

The other way of looking at this is seeing if she could be a good friend.

Do you like her style? Maybe that is something you guys could talk about. Try to see past the annoying-ness and see the good.

If she is too much for you to handle, throw her out like last season Uggs.

The PC