Monday, April 28, 2008

Jealously !

I am so jealous of my BEST friend! She is so supermodel type and me and my other BFF * are so jealous of her we are always so mean and put her down! but her clothes are great & i make up stories that boys like me when actually i know they like her! But she thinks that she is ugly thanks to me and that no guys like her. I can't tell her i'm jealous. NO WAY. But how do i stop being mean to her with my friend* and possibly not jealous AND make her feel better about herself and let her know she actually IS supermodel material & actually pretty?

-Little Green Monster!

Dear Little Green Monster,

First: I think its great that you are coming to realize that what you and your friend are doing is wrong (even though we would probably do the same!)

Second: You need some self confidence girl!! Instead of comparing yourself to your friends, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something you love about you (sounds lame, works miracles)

Third: If you need to patch the friendship with that friend, invite her over for a sleepover! You guys could give each other advice on makeup, talk about boys, etc. Even if you have known her for years, you will probably learn something new about her! That way, maybe your friendship will grow, and you may see that you don't have to compare or be jealous of her, because she is probably just like you!

Fourth: You don't need to worry about boys! You probably aren't in high school yet, so guys aren't that serious in relationships yet. If you like a guy, just be yourself. Yes, we have heard it a million times, but trust me, it works! Just be open, be nice, and be social!

Good luck!
The PC

*Names have been changed