Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boys Boys Boys!

Pretty Commitee-
There is this guy i've liked for ages, and he's everything other boys
aren't. Doesn't try to fit in for clothes, and lives to his own beat.
The only problem is, he's really my best friend's classmate, and he
doesn't even go to my school! Though we have met twice, we've only met

briefly, and talked mostly on aim. I don't know how to ever hang out
with him because we have no connection to, and we aren't on together
often. I really would like him to be my first boyfriend, he's such a
special guy. Any advice on how to hang out with him, or tell him how I

feel? I am scared to tell him because he knows my best friend a lot
bettr. Help!
Girl in honest love <3

Dear Girl in Honest Love;


First of all, get to know the guy before you go out with the guy. When you are with your friend, ask her if she wants to go to a movie.. ask her to bring the neighbor (that is bold, but it is the best way to see him). You could also say.. "hey, you wanna hang out? maybe invite someone from your school or something"

I wouldn't tell him your feelings yet, because you hardly know eachother.Also, try not to "use" your best friend. Don't just hang out with her because you want to get to the boy (but i bet you wont do that!)

Just be calm about it.. and good luck! Keep us posted!

Love, The PC

Does he have a brother? ;)